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At Penny Warren, we know that the secret of succes in life is to recognise and seize opportunities when they arise. Penny Warren Recruitment has over 25 yeards experience in the scientfic recruitment industry. Our priority is to understand our candidates’ needs and requirements and then match the right people to the right roles.

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MSU team make stem cell breakthrough

MSU team make stem cell breakthrough

Scientists at Michigan State University (MSU) have identified a gene that could make it easier to develop stem cells, which have the potential to benefit millions of people.
While the gene, which is known as ASF1A, was not discovered by the team, they determined that it is one of those

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Scientists discover ribosome ‘missing link’

Scientists discover ribosome 'missing link'

Researchers at the University of California (UC) San Diego have discovered the 'missing link' in the system that enables animal cells to produce ribosomes.
The discovery could give biologists a better understanding of how to limit uncontrolled cell growth, such as cancer, that might be regulated by controlling

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