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How to have your cake and eat it

Charles Handy has raised the bakery for his latest theory on management. Here, the celebrated management thinker explains how an irresistible piece of confectionery holds the key to creative management in the workplace. Creativity is too good a thing to be rationed. Putting it in a box on the organisation chart, even if you call the box a skunkworks*, ignores all the latent creativity that is hiding in the everyday …Read More

Copy Cats – cloning to conserve endangered species

Cloning technology has hit the headlines again recently, with the successful cloning of Nicky, a domestic cat as a replacement for a much-loved pet. In the coming year, we may also be hearing reports of the cloning of less well-known cat species. One of the applications of cloning technology is the preservation of endangered species. Conservationists are currently looking at cloning as a promising technique in maintaining numbers of the …Read More