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July 2014

Lack of opportunity ‘is hampering staff retention’

New research reveals staff retention is being hampered by a lack of opportunity and structure within their organisations. HR service company Penna found that the absence of opportunity was the main reason behind employees' decisions to leave companies during the past 12 months, cited as such by 20 per cent of respondents. In the same period, one in three organisations have witnessed a rise in resignations. Despite this, 20 per …Read More

Scientists eliminate HIV from human cells

Scientists at Temple University, Philadelphia, have successfully eliminated the HIV virus from cultured human cells. Patients affected by HIV-1 have to take medication throughout their lives to ensure they remain healthy because the virus inserts its DNA into its host's DNA. However, researchers have found a way to remove the integrated HIV-1 genes from cells permanently. The researchers created molecular tools which they used to delete the HIV-1 proviral DNA. …Read More

MSU team make stem cell breakthrough

Scientists at Michigan State University (MSU) have identified a gene that could make it easier to develop stem cells, which have the potential to benefit millions of people. While the gene, which is known as ASF1A, was not discovered by the team, they determined that it is one of those responsible for cellular reprogramming – a phenomenon which is key to stem cell production as it can transform one cell …Read More