Writing your CV

Your CV is a very important document – it is your personal marketing tool to propel you up that career ladder, help you find a better job, more money, new challenges. It is therefore crucial to spend time getting it right. For help visit “how to write a resume” website at how-to-write-a-resume.com

Employers often receive many CVs for each advertised position. Job vacancies can often attract hundreds of applicants, so your CV has to stand out if you want to obtain interviews. Writing a strong professional CV is a valuable skill which you can learn and develop.

In addition to helping you obtain job interviews, your CV can continue to work in your favour. It can help you at interview by focusing the interviewer’s attention on your strengths and achievements. Once you have left the interview it will continue to work for you – the interviewer will probably reread it before making a decision, either on who should be invited to the second interview stage or who the job should be offered to.

When it comes to salary negotiations a well-written CV can again help you. If your CV conveys your full worth by highlighting your skills and experience, you are likely to get a higher salary offer than you might have done with a poorer CV. Time spent on preparing your CV is therefore an investment in your future, and will help you develop your scientific career.

See Alec’s CV tips and Bradley CVs for further help with preparing your CV.

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