Data Protection

We pledge to:

  • Comply with data protection legislation and follow set practices for information handling in order to process an application to secure an position for a candidate
  • Keep data secure and protect candidates’ personal information
  • Only Penny Warren Recruitment staff will have access to personal data in order to help the recruitment process

Notifying the Information Commissioner: Click here 

Guidance and other information has been produced to assist organisations achieve compliance and for the benefit of both individuals and organisations.

One of the main functions of the Information Commissioner is to ensure that organisations that are processing data are doing so in line with the obligations that are placed upon them by the various pieces of legislation such as: the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. When looking at these processes assessment will be made as to whether the processing is compliant with the provisions contained within the particular piece of legislation.

Read the complete Data Protection Act Click here to visit the website,