Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 16.46.44Penny Warren Recruitment provides a high quality service tailored to your individual needs. However, our service is based on the following:

  • Obtaining a recruitment brief including a detailed job description, so that we can fully appreciate the type of candidate you require
  • Performing database selections of our fully interviewed and assessed candidates
  • Arranging advertising where necessary and handling candidate response
  • Partner with successful job board websites
  • Drawing up a shortlist of candidates closely matching the recruitment brief
  • Arranging interview schedules and acknowledging successful placements

Recruitment Brief

At Penny Warren Recruitment, our consultants strive to develop a strong professional relationship with our client, to understand the ethos of your company and the types of candidates you need.

We obtain a detailed job description from you, which we aim to match closely in providing candidate shortlists. We also like to provide a copy of this to prospective candidates. The job description should ideally include the title, reporting structure, location and main responsibilities.

We also require a detailed person specification indicating the qualifications and experience required plus salary range and benefits offered.

Database Selections

As a recruitment consultancy ,we attract highly skilled and experienced candidates. We carefully assess all of our candidates by performing an in-depth telephone interview, and also provide a personality profiling service, especially important in screening our Sales and Marketing candidates.


All vacancies are advertised on our website. Where necessary, advertisements are also placed on additional recruitment websites to provide a broader range of applicants. Additional advertising methods are available as required, such as the use of specialist publications. We can also tailor advertising to fit your specifications.

Shortlist of Candidates

By taking a detailed recruitment brief and by developing a good understanding of your requirements, our aim is to draw up a shortlist of candidates with the right educational and technical background. We also know how important it is to find someone who will fit into the culture of your company. We don’t waste your time with unsuitable CVs.